Understanding Buying & Decision Making: How Brand Perception Influences Buyers in the Chemical and Life Sciences Space


  • Overview â–¼

    This webinar will explore new brand research conducted by C&EN BrandLab, designed to uncover the dynamics between brand perception and decision making of key purchasers in the chemical and life sciences industry. This research identified key drivers of both purchase and recommendation of products, providing ideas for how marketers can develop campaigns that resonate with consumers to inspire purchase, recommendation and advocacy.

    We’ll provide a glimpse into how brands fared in the eyes of consumers based on their investment in branding to better understand why a commitment to consistency is necessary to succeed. Key research takeaways will be discussed in order to provide tangible ideas for marketers to act on immediately.
  • Speakers â–¼

    Stephanie Holland
    Director of Global Advertising Sales & Sponsorships,
    Bill Kelly