The Case for Colloidal Silica

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Colloidal silica’s diverse range of uses in research and in industry continues to expand. These nanoscale particles of amorphous silica boast a range of attributes, such as high stability, hardness and excellent binding ability, thanks to the tunable chemistry of the particles’ silanol-rich surface.  Applications for colloidal silica now range from metal-casting molds to drug-resistant bacterial biofilms. Find out how scientists are using colloidal silica to address critical global challenges.

Key Learning Objectives

  • Learn about colloidal silica’s many chemical and physical attributes
  • Gain insight into how colloidal silica gets used in investment casting, a major application for the material, and improves catalyst performance for industrial applications
  • Discover how researchers are using colloidal silica to address pressing biomedical problems

Brought to you by: 
W. R. Grace & Co.

The Case for Colloidal Silica

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